Democracy, Good Governance, and the Art of Making a Deal

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Mission & Vision

Mission: The mission of Global Leadership Institute (GLI) is to facilitate leadership training to policy making public servants, and private sector professionals to address issues of global concern.

Vision: GLI envisions leadership training worldwide that will provide an equitable, just, humane, and democratic world.

Global Leadership Institute (GLI)

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Welcome to the Global Leadership Institute!

Global Leadership is a training institute focusing on providing personalized dynamic leadership training. Participants will learn current theory and gain new perspectives on their leadership styles and strengths, and identify and work on their own leadership challenges.

We are a registered corporation, incorporated in the State of Minnesota in the United States of America. Our priority, as a training institute is to ensure that the participants benefit as much as they can from this training and to create a relationship, which will open more channels for investments in other countries. Key topics of training will include but will not be limited to the following:

  • The Legislative Process
  • Health-care delivery and waste management plan
  • Affordable housing and clean portable water system
  • Education
  • Construction and Maintenance of road network
  • Correctional Services/and prison reform
  • Other infrastructures such as affordable and reliable power generation system
  • Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities
  • Leadership training for managing institutions of higher learning and emerging professionals.